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Altitude in waypoint-files

At the last competition - Zillertal Open, Austria - we had the problem, that the altitude of some waypoints was displayed wrong in C-Pilot. For all waypoints with altitude below 1000m the altitude was displayed wrong. Means a wp with alt. of 630m was displayed as 6300m altitude

We used GPS-Dump 503 to produce the waypoint files in CompeGPS-format. Uploading to C-Pilot was done via USB, puting C-Pilot in USB-Mode to see it as USB-Memory stick
How can we avoid this problem in future ?
Manfred, scorer for Austrian Paragliding league

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Hi Manfred.

If the altitude of the waypoint is correctly indicated on the waypoint properties, I mean on the GPSdump output file,  there are no reason to have a similar issue.

If the altitude of the waypoint is not declared, the device take the altitude informations from the waypoint name. There is a code to write the waypoint name just for this function.

So, please, send me the waypoint file for a check then I'll give you informations or solutions.


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