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Vario song


Where to find some good vario profiles from experienced users ?

For the first time, I flown in competition last week, and was unable to understand the vario, I used a config in the instrument, but it was totaly not usable to fly correctly with this song. Same for my wife, it seems the original song provided by compass it not a good one for fly ?

At +3 ms was a poor song, never heard a progressif bip bip, nothing related to the real vertical speed or variation...

I respond to myself. Here is a standard vario I made. 
It look like a vario normal, I think, I don't use progressive after +5 because It don't need to had stress, but some like to know and take care if there is a +8 ....

JY Touzac


(598 Bytes)

 This one

(598 Bytes)
here my own sound


(598 Bytes)


(598 Bytes)

The instrument's sound is completely customizable.

You can customize, for any climb or sing rate: a) frequency of sound (loud od bass sound); b) beeps per second; c) length of any beep; 4 ) volume

You find in the instrument, pre-installed, four different sound. These are only samples sounds. 

You can create new sound profiles & files, midday the existing ones, duplicate and modify the exiting ones giving different names.

After having created or modified a sound profile you can test it directly by the C-Pilot. 

All instructions are in the manual.

Using a little patience there are no limitations in creating any sound you desire. Even a "buzzer" sound function in weak conditions

You have the possibility, if you use a Windows computer, to use our tool for creating/modifying the sounds. Find it here , under the Beeper user's manual section and it's called CSS (Compass Sound System):

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 The progressive 4, was done on instrument, using replay of flight to test, and be the more closed to a vario I am used to hear ...

the others are work, the progressive is original. (do'nt use) from my opinion and tests.

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(596 Bytes)
(588 Bytes)
(598 Bytes)

more toine here, but difficult to have something correct.

use some frequency from LA, SI,  DO

difficult to manage beep per second and lenght of tone...

(1003 Bytes)
(988 Bytes)
(1008 Bytes)
Hi Jean.
Don't forget that you can use the CSS utility ( from our website ) to manage your sounds directly using your mouse and your PC and Windows OS.
This utility, born for our Beeper ( solar vario ) is a commodity to set your own sound using a better interface than the touch screen.
After the customisation of the sound, you can easly transfer the file on your device using the USB connection.
Using CSS utility or Cpilot is fine, what is try to explain is the difficulty to find a good combinaison. Also listen to the sound is one thing, but when I fly the sound seems very stable and don't show the variations. I expect to have good sample from Compass ?


When in flight must you consider the setting of the averaged timing of the vario sound on the setting page of the device, CSS and interface make a sound with 1 second of average timing. This setting may cause differencies at the same sound changing in more soft or hard.

What you hear using the interface of the device or the CSS for the sound setting is a continuos sound, so in flight your movements are not linear and the pressure goes up & down very fast.

After a new setting of the sound we suggest to try the new one simulating a flight taken from the flight book, this means with the complete set of fixed point ( 5hz).

In this way you will have the better chance to hear a sound very close to the reality. 

I hope these suggestions are useful.


Hi all, I enclose the audio file a a famous world cup champion 

(639 Bytes)

I have the C-Pilot Pro, and recently the BIP of Vario stops working during the flight at different times. What could have happened and What do I can do to fix this?

since the css interface dont check the output, perhaps you make a wrong song profile. I have same thing on pc if use different parameters. I suggest you use the default song


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