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White screen

My c pilot evo during Flight became fully white, it doesn't react to any on/off or reset button combination. Il mio c pilot evo improvvisamente è diventato completamente a schermo bianco, non reagisce ai tasti di accensione o reset. Come posso fare? Grazie!

 Hello Luigi.

What you describe is the classic issue caused by a bug on the last official release.

In this case the only way to switch off the device is to unplug the battery for a moment then reboot it.

To avoid other similar behavior, please, upgrade your device with this version:

Please ,consider this as a beta version, also if stable, and bear in mind that some other things are modified on this version and the complete list of the new features will be released with the official version in few weeks.

Hoping that this solution will be usefull, we wish you good flights.

Thanks, Luca sent the file promptly and i already tested it in flight.

so far so good :)


Hello Paulo,

Please can you provide a beta fix version for this problem for Easy Pilot?

Kind regards,


Note... the latest release version DOES NOT FIX THIS PROBLEM. Please investigate as a matter of urgency and provide a fix.

Unfortunately it happened again twice, the instrument was just returned from repair @ compass hq. No way of solving ot other than opening the whole thing up to disconnect the battery :(
Compass have asked me to return my easy pilot so they can re-install the entire firmware to solve this problem, but so far I haven't sent it back as it will cost me another 30euro for almost no chance of a fix. Whatever the issue is, compass need to reproduce it and fix it immediately. I've had the easy pilot for two years now and it's been useless for that entire time. Really really unhappy still.

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Hi Luigi.

Seems that 3.2.105 don't fix correctly the freeze issues.

Please install this one:

No claims from pilots after this update.


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Hello MIke.

Easy Pilot and Evo are a bit different on the firmware so also the possible issues can be different.

This is the last update for Easy Pilot :

I'll be pleased to check your device here to be sure about its behavior.

If you want to send me, I can give you the RMA module.

I'll consider this check under warranty, of course.


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