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Terrain Maps with contour lines

The old Garmin 76sxc that many people have been using for 15 years, and I still love has great terrain maps with contour lines, so much better than shaded colors to me.


Is it possible to get these type of maps on either the Evo or the Easy?

 Hello I have seen that it is possible to have the terrain height lines, i think we need to have a white terrain map to compete.

Also, with QDIS you can make a terrain map, white en grey, this will do quite the same.

Not sure what QDIS is, so need to  look into that.

Sorry It is QGIS !

here just put in black from 1678-1721m



same with colors, and black in between :


 you can make strates, here there is 10 strates, from 300m to 3000m, so 300 by strates


This looks interesting.  I will have a closer look later, thanks for the info. and link.  

OK, I decided to use different color map and scale for differents places : flat land, Vosges, Alpes, North Spain, Gemona, Krusevo, Etc ... because each have different bottom and top altitude .


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