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Quick setup


These go in the Cartography folder on the SD card 

Unzip - drop entire folder into cartography folder.

These go in Terrain folder on SD card

download Data Download (HTTP).  do not use mirror http.

You need to open each folder and take only the .tif file and drop in SD Terrain folder. - Do not open the .tif files on computer -


OpenAir format

Download from here, put on internal "USB" Airspace folder.

or for the USA

Setup complete, now you can dig in.

Careful on the taking out SD card and connecting dis-connecting the instrument from computer.  

SD card do not put in or takeout during boot up or down.  Best if you turn it off and wait 15 seconds before putting in taking out.

Disconnecting instrument from computer, be sure to use Safely remove device, don't just unplug it.  

While plugged in if you try to go back to navigation page it will prompt you to safely remove.  While this prompt is active Eject device on Mac.  If you do it without the prompt, the Mac re-recognises the instrument instantly, before you can unplug from Mac.  Don't know about PC.

I think that is all correct, no guarantee, best read the manual.

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If you have disconnected incorrectly, when you next connect your instrument to the Mac or PC you will see, *.rec files, (with weird creation date of 1969) in the root directory.  

If you see these, you screwed up.  Delete them, and Compass recommends backing up all your settings to the PC and reformatting the USB partition.  (I did this, easy no problem)

This is the only real sensitivity with this instrument, that and keep the screen protected.  In flight and customizing is great so far.  This is for the EVO, and the Easy, never had the older Pro model.

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