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Evo improvements – new features

I already send many e-mails regarding some improvements, so I hope you don’t mind posting it here as tickets. I would very much like that instrument would be TOP.
Here are few suggestions.
1. Connection via Bluetooth to any other devices – e.g. phone or PC and other Compass devices. And in that case possibility to share (at least) waypoints and task’s. Also possible to share all folders in instruments to same instruments or e.g. phone. (useful for backup or sharing settings, etc…)

2. option for exporting track to USB + SD card at same time. (or to choose options)

3. option to export/import all the data/settings (individually each folder) to external SD card. (useful for backups)

4. faster refresh rate (more real time) Especially seen when thermaling. The track is not updated in “real time”, but with (too much) time shift/delay.

5. XC option. Beside triangle to calculate distance between points. Like other XC contests. And to have the analyses in the track-info menu.

6. Possible to have other types of maps with better terrain display with height lines visible?

7. When in task. To have radius value visible within or next to radius with small number. Or to have the value in filed whit waypoint name. Useful in flight if you are not sure what radius you use when setting the task. Or to share the info to/with other pilots.

8. Would you be interested in developing phone based software (Android, etc… Or I’m sure someone else could do it. But it has to be possible to connect it wit BT) to have it on your phone. The Evo could then connect to your phone via BT and use the phone as: - exporting end sending track (online contests, or to competition scorer, etc…) Many times most of the pilots would like to upload their tracks to “web – XC contests, etc.. with their phones without plugging the instrument to PC and downloading track. So option to directly download the file with e.g. GPSdump phone application.
- displaying it on the map (Google, etc..), etc….
- score your track

Best regards

Agee with all of your list but 8., instead of making their own app just make the BT feed into xcsoar, flyskyhi or whatever.  (so this be covered by number 1.?).  I don't use those, but both the EVO and Easy Pilot export gps data live, so wouldn't that work?  Adding task BT export to device would be nice.  Not sure how much data you would need directly from the Evo/Easy pilot.  Since I don't fly with a phone, haven't looked closely at this.

6., Maps, I asked about that in another thread, and it seems, if you are up for it, you can make some nice custom maps.  Maybe ability to read more map formats? 

3. Not sure about this, already easy to drop all the folders onto a PC, but yes you need a PC... So, yes a "backup all setting to SD card", command would be nice.  It is easy enough to backup all your screens to an SD card, also Waypoints and Task, separately.  

On the flight log, it would be nice to be able to export all your flights at once, but not critical, should download my flights more often anyway.

The most important maybe is number 4., but since it is winter I haven't noticed this yet.  I will take a look tomorrow next to my Garmin 76 or a 6030.




I have one more suggestion.


It would be very useful to have option to choose at least 2 general profiles for the visualization. E.g. competition an XC. We know that for free flying e.g. XC and/or competition flying we need different settings for displays.


Now it's possible also, but you have to manually go to settings and choose for each 4 views to set the graphic display. It very time consuming and “complicated”. And if you forget, it's quite "complicated" to do in the air. And even at the take off, before competition task, etc...


So, it would be very useful to have "general" profile that you could easily set in quick menu. (or at power on) and in that case all 4 profiles would automatically change to desired profile. If you know what I mean?


Please think about it.



Why would you need 4 screens when you do not have a active task?  regular xc flying, with no active task you don't need a start screen or a final screen.  Regular xc flying looking at the general/glide screen, any data specific to comp task is blank anyway.  

Don't see the point of this at all.  My "thermal" screen is the same for task flying or fun flying, only distance to next and goal data is blank when I don't have a task.  The general/glide screen is also the same for free flight and comp.  

How are you using start screen and final screens in your free flying?  and how do you get them to come up? setting a task before every flight?

I would like to the Evo to stop beeping after landing.  and maybe better pre launch not beeping.

Yes Maybe I didn’t express the best way.

In XC flying you only need 2 displays. »general« and »thermal«.

But anyway both of them are pretty different from competition display. Especially “general”. And also thermal could be different.

But anyway it would be useful to have an option that your instrument would change to “competition profile” or XC profile with just one “click”.

This last one is an interesting option, may be not so difficult to do on a future update.

About the vario sound before takeoff and after landing, there's an option on the configuration menu that allows the beep sound only after the takeoff, this option inhibits the beep  if the pressure variation are below 0,2m/S then before the take off and after a confirmed landing you don't hear any beep except if a gust moves the airmass around you.

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I see, Dusan, that makes sense.  It could be useful and easy is good.

Paolo,  I have it set to beep only after takeoff, and that is generally good.  The landing though still beeps like crazy after landing and just standing, or walking to the fold up area. Maybe it takes longer?  but it does sure beep a lot just standing.

An auto switch to flight summary page after landing would also be nice.

After landing, a minute without movements is required to stop the record. So if you walk from your impact point to the relax area, the variometer keeps to "sing" untill the device detects the end of the flight. The emitted beeps also in case of no air mass movements may depends about the setting of the sound around 0 value: there are some minor pressure movements also in perfect still air and the extremely sensible variometer installed on our devices is for sure able to detect also the smaller changes in pressure then generates sound, if your sound setting starts from 0m/s, like mine sounds. We are quite sure that our variometers are the best on the market about sensitivity and purity of data and that allow to "hear" pressure changes around 1cm of differential altitude and make it readable and usable. A comparison between our variometer ( with a proper setting ) and a famous variometer with accelerometer did on the Bassano landing by Kelly Farina, demonstrates that there are no difference on the response time also without accelerometer. This is possible only with a very clean set of datas made by the electric circuit of the variometer.

I dream a pubblic comparison between the most part of variometer on the market, just to remove some pebbles from shoes.  

I am happy with the Compass sensitivity and quality of sound in flight and agree with your opinion it is the best on the market, that i have tried, and I have tried many.  The beeping after landing, I will try again next time and see if it does stop after a minute of no movement after landing.  

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