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Problem after uploading

I have a problem with the c-pilot. After uploading new soft c-pilot may not start. It stands on the home screen. I would like to send it to you for repair. Give me the address to which to send. Do you have any shipping company that soon will take my c-pilot from Polish into Italian? January 15 I am going to Colombia to fly and I must have a c-pilot back.

c-pilot evo v.3.2.121

Hi jarek.
Can you be more precise about your problem?
First, where you have find the update?
Which model of device you have and which is the S/N?


after installing the program c-pilot first start correctly. after restart stops on the home screen. It does not respond to the restart button. It does not help detaching the battery



how can I solve this problem?

 Hi Jarek.

As you can see, you have installed a wrong update: this is the update for PRO model.

We have to restore the device at the default value and to do this, we have to connect your device to my PC from remote using an USB/serial cable or ship the device here for maintenance.

Do you have an USB/serial cable?


I have a serial USB cable. How and when do you want to do remote reboot my device? What and how should I prepare for you to do remotely restart?

I have a cable but I don't have a computer with RS232 input. I must to look for an older computer at work to make connection.

If you have an USB/serial like this

 the RS232 is not required.

I wait for your instructions.


I do not have this

 Ok, so let me know what you would to do.

I can suggest three way:

1 you send me the device for maintenance

2 you find a PC with RS232 and serial cable 3,5mm then we can connect the device from remote for maintenance

3 you can buy our serial cable or one with same features then we can connect the device from remote for maintenance

something like this?


you can find the correct scheme on the C-Probe user's manual on our website
the jack's diameter must to be 3,5mm


On tuesday will be the cable. Can you give me instructions how to unlock the c-pilot or you want to do this remotely?

How do you plan to reset my C-Pilot?

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