1. The “.tif” file (.tif is the correct file extension of terrain maps) must be stored into the SD Card in the “Terrain” folder … and NOT inside the internal memory of the instrument (CP-EVO and Esy Pilot does not work when maps are stored inside it’s internal memory).

  2. Try to zoom out the map to enlarge the area and see if the terrain appears;

  3. Be sure you are not in a vast flatland area (the colormap is uniform);

  4. Control that you are inside the area of the downloaded map, or to have downloaded the right map for your area;

  5. Control that the GPS has 3D-fixed the satellites (the instrument needs to know “where you are” to show the right map: as consequence a satellites fix is necessary to furnish the point to visualize the map)

  6. The .tif file may be corrupted (if you try to open it in the computer the file will not work anymore: an accidental double click on it corrupts it): Download again the .tif file and copy it into the terrain folder of SD Card.

  7. control that the checkbox “show terrain” in the “maps” menu of the instrument is flagged.

  8. control in the “maps” menu that a “colormap” is associated with the active custom display.