1. is the instrument firmware updated to the last version? You need an update from year 2016 on.

  2. Did you copy the maps into the Topographic maps folder of the SD card (EVO)? If not, the instrument is not able to find the maps (attention: not inside the instrument’s memory but only in the SD Card!).

  3. Topographic maps must be copied inside the SD card and not into the internal memory of the instrument (EVO).

  4. Control that you have flagged the checkbox “show roads/water …” into the “Maps” menu of your instrument.

  5. Control to be sure that you are inside the area of the downloaded map.

  6. Control that the GPS has 3D-fixed the satellites (the instrument needs to know “where you are” to show the right map: as consequence a satellites fix is necessary to furnish the point to visualize the map).

  7. Try to zoom-out the map (enlarge the area showed) to see if details will appear: maybe yor zoom is too large.