- If (i) the device is new (ii) you moved many km from your usual area (iii) the device has been switched off for long time: it could take more time to the first 3D-fix: move in an open air area and switch on the instrument again.

- Are you are inside a building or do you have many concrete buildings around? Try to see if the 3D-fix in open air works as usual.

- Did you update the device? The updates from January 2016 let the GPS fix more stable and quick.


- Enter in the GPS status menu (setup > info> gps status). You will see a round “target” (graphical representation of the sky). Satellites are showed as little balls. At the moment the device is switched on, the target could be empty and balls are grey colored. As soon as the GPS find a satellite, the same appears inside the target, the ball is red with the number assigned to the satellite. As soon as the GPS fixes the satellite, the ball becomes green. When 4 satellites are green, the 3D fix is done.

  1. If you see that 4 or more satellites are green but the device does not work (example: when you move the speed remains 0) contact Compass.

  2. If satellites are red colored inside the target but they do not turn to green, the unit should not have hardware problems: the problem should be momentary.

  3. Only for the PRO model (not EVO or Easy Pilot): put the instrument in charge for some hrs: the instrument must be switched on while charging. The PRO model has a battery specially dedicated for the GPS and if it is completely discharged the GPS does not work properly. To charge it the instrument must be switched on.