- Did you update the device? The updates from January 2016 let the GPS fix more stable and quick.

- Do you use another device close to the CP-EVO CP-PRO or Easy Pilot? Some devices can emit frequencies that disturb GPS 3D-fix.

  1. In some cases, we noticed that the problem was caused by a Compeo or Compeo+ positioned close to the Compass unit on the left side of the cockpit: the solution is to reverse the position of the instruments in the cockpit.

  2. Some VHF radios may be too close to the Compass device put the radio away from the cockpit or squelch da alzare disturb alla radfio;

  3. Some telephones (rare) could disturb the GPS fix if they are stored inside the cockpit.

In some defined areas the GPS could be disturbed by antennas or other devices or factories at ground (example: we noticed that flying over a foundry area the GPS was very disturbed).