If the SD Card is not properly working or the instrument cannot read it’s data, the SD Card icon in the top bar of your instrument will appear red colored. If it appears dark grey, the instrument is reading the SD Card.

To solve the problem:

  1. be sure that the lever protection of SD Card is “write mode”;

  2. be sure the SD Card is perfectly inside the slot (you should feel a little “click” when it is correctly stored) and in case of doubt store it again inside. Note that it could happen that the SD card accidentally comes out of the slot because of a blow or a pressure. In this case the SD Card icon does not appear in the top bar of your Instrument;

  3. if you are using an SD Card previously used by another device, we recommend to format it to restore it as new before and virgin using with Compass devices.

  4. If the SD Card is new or formatted virgin as new, it must be previously formatted for the Compass use (see the user’s manual). Just insert the virgin SD Card into the Instrument and it will ask you to format it. It takes a second.

  5. be sure that the SD Card is exclusively dedicated to the Instrument (does not contain different files)

  6. in some (very rare) cases the Instrument is not compatible with the SD card: try with another Card.